Eating well is one of our main goals every day. We take pleasure in great tasting food that is fresh and wholesome and not processed. Not processed is actually the main driver for all our meals, making made-from-scratch salad dressing, the spice blend for Uncle Ben’s wild rice, and even homemade hoisin sauce.

This philosophy most definitely applies to spice rubs. Even before the days of Hook & Rub, I would not purchase or use anything that lists “spices” as an ingredient for their blends. I know a majority of them are trying to protect their recipe but most people know it takes up a lot less cabinet space to buy a pre-made spice mixture than to buy all the individual spices and make the rub themselves. One of my favorite rub companies is Rub With Love because they do list all the ingredients and they are still a very profitable company.

Our spice blends are made with ingredients you can pronounce. None of them have MSG to chemically enhance the flavor, silicon dioxide to prevent caking, or maladextrose to create bulk in order to reduce cost. We are creating what we would want to purchase. It is that plain and simple.


Sustainability is very important to us. Not only is it just the right thing to do on a moral level, it is important to both of us professionally as well. From the sportfishing point of view, if we are not conscious of the amount of fish we catch, we might not have fish to catch on future trips. From the scuba diving perspective, over-fishing affects the amount and types of fish we see.  When it comes to Hook & Rub, we strive to ensure the spices we use are all harvested properly. In the spice world, it is not yet feasible for all spices to be considered “organic” because many of them come from third world countries where the burden of “certified organic” is too expensive but we do purchase from the companies who are making an effort.

We closely monitor the seafood watch lists as well, to make sure we are not promoting a species that is considered endangered or at a risk of being over-fished. Some of our fish species have season or bag limits. This is when we encourage you to try the spice blend on another fish, protein, vegetable, and even grain. And for those of you lucky enough to have caught your own fish, maybe you have some in the freezer just waiting to be the perfect meal.